Ibaad Lines, SOC Liner Service, International freight forwarding, Logistics Link, Chennai
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Ibaad Lines, SOC Liner Service, International freight forwarding, Logistics Link, Chennai
Ibaad Lines, SOC Liner Service, International freight forwarding, Logistics Link, Chennai
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We have a well-established global freight and trade network, offering a single-source solution to manage and transport freight. With an extensive team of experts supervising operations, Ibaad Lines offers the best fit solutions with its unparalleled access to a vast agent network of air, ocean, rail or road transport facilities. All of which provides its customers with faster and wider access to vital markets globally.

What's more is that with the large volumes it handles, we are also able to offer to customers extremely competitive freight rates across multiple locations.

Our Unique Selling Prepositions:
  • Single Negotiable Documents
  • Door to Door Service
  • Ability to offer customized solutions based on individual customer requirements
  • Range of services that cover every aspect of supply chain solution
  • Wide international network of partners to expedite cargo movement
  • Excellent relationships with shipping lines to achieve priority shipping
  • Documentation Support System
  • Shipping, Warehousing, Custom Clearance, Project Forwarding

    Air Freight Forwarding Services : To meet all your global transportation requirements we provide freight forwarding services that can handle all airfreight shipment needs around the world from small to largest consignments in most professional and authentic manner having swiftest quality.

    Sea Freight Forwarding Services : Ibaad Lines keeps wide range of interest in sea freight forwarding services. Sea freight forwarding is considered as the most efficient way of transferring goods.

    Domestic Shipments : Ibaad Lines provides domestic shipment to various destination across India. The goods are delivered by proper care in most efficient manner.

    Multimodal Transshipment Services : Multimodal Transportation or Transshipment Service is being provided by Ibaad Lines that results in an integrated transport chain where the strength of each alternative is utilized.

    Freight Consolidation Services : The Freight Consolidation Services for shipments are the cost effective way to transport low volume cargo. By grouping your shipment with others to fill a standard container, you avoid the cost of shipping an entire container on your own.

    Our strength lies in the dedication, skills and knowledge of our staff. Highly experienced specialists
    that together provide a wide range of activities to ensure that your freight is
    transported quickly and efficiently to, from and through South East Asia
       Pre-Transport    Cargo Documents
       Customs Service    Certificates
       Bill of Lading    Port Rotation Updates
       Track and Trace    Routing Notifications
       Port Services    IMO request
    Our aim is to have Best Quality of Operation in the world!!
    Our Reach
    Our network partners are spade in all parts of the globe from S.KOREA , CHINA , INDIA , SRILANKA , SINGAPORE , PAKISTAN , BANGLADESH , DUBAI , IRAN , MALAYSIA , INDONESIA , THAILAND , VIETNAM, MYANMAR

    Reg. Office :
    No:121/81,Level II, OPP:PRINCESS PALACE,
    CHENNAI 600013, INDIA.

    Underlying the success of the company is an ethos of commitment to the values of Quality, Service, and Reliability


    Continuous innovation and close customer interaction have enabled the Company to consolidate its position at the leading edge of the various commercial activities


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