Ibaad Lines, SOC Liner Service, International freight forwarding, Logistics Link, Chennai
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Ibaad Lines, SOC Liner Service, International freight forwarding, Logistics Link, Chennai
Ibaad Lines, SOC Liner Service, International freight forwarding, Logistics Link, Chennai
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1. List Of Normal Documents Required For Export Consignments:
Invoices (9 Copies)
Packing List (9 Copies)
Copy of Letter of Credit/Order/Contract
Correspondence leading to export of consignment
Export Declarations
GR Form in duplicate duly filled and signed under your rubber stamp
Permanent Income Tax Number
Importer/Exporter Code No. given by JT.C.C.I.&E/D.G.F.T.
Forwarding Instructions as per attached form
E.I.A. Certificate/Quota Certificate etc.,(wherever applicable)
Import/Export Code No. given by Jt. CCI & E. / D.G.F.T.
Permanent Income Tax A/c. No. allotted to importer
Signed copy of Invoice
Signed copy of Packing List
Bill of Lading/Airway bill
Insurance memo/policy
Import License/C.C.P with letter of Transfer/letter of an authority etc. In case the license is attached to any other B/E, a Photocopy of the same can be submitted for processing the documents, Original License will however be required for release of the consignments. OR O.G.L declaration giving appendix/List/Sr.No with copy of Industrial
License/SSI Registration Certificate (English Translation required when Certificates not in English.)
Set of Importer’s Declarations and GATT declarations signed under your rubber stamp
Certificate of Origin
Literature/ Certificate of Analysis/ Catalogue/ Write up
Order/Order Confirmation
No Commission Declaration. When cargo is in bags or drums packing material declaration as per P.N.99/90
Freight memo with Bank Freight Certificate, where freight is payable in India.
Bank Draft/Letter of Credit
Original documents duly endorsed in your favour by your Bankers and in turn endorsed by you under your rubber stamp in our favour. Invoice duly attested by Bank should also be sent. OR Letter of authority authorizing us to collect Delivery order on your letter Head (in 3 copies) with Bank Delivery order on bank’s letterhead (consignment by Air) along with Bank attested invoice.
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