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Ibaad Lines, SOC Liner Service, International freight forwarding, Logistics Link, Chennai
Ibaad Lines, SOC Liner Service, International freight forwarding, Logistics Link, Chennai
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Ibaad Lines Pvt. Ltd. offers dedicated warehousing services to our clients that helps them in easy handling of their imported and exported goods. The cargo and goods are easily segregated in a quick and effective manner that results in covering any unnecessary delay. The warehouse services are charged with reasonable prices on the basis of long term and short term usage.

  • Bonded Warehousing
  • Goods Distribution Services
  • Private Warehousing
  • On-Site Warehousing
  • Off-Site Warehousing
Bonded Warehousing : A bonded warehouse serves as secured storage area where goods are stored, manipulated and can also be manufactured without paying any duty. The goods are under the responsibility of the warehouse authority once entered and an agreement is signed for this between the importer/exporter and warehouse proprietor.

Ibaad Lines is associated with Customs Approved Bonded Warehouses to move your Import or Export Cargo to the Open or Covered Bonded warehouse. This helps customer to action the plans without paying customs duties and taxes.

Goods Distribution Services : The Goods Distribution Services are the result of strategic flow-through warehousing and route planning to maximize distribution and increase efficiency in your supply-chain. We engineered our solutions to meet your requirements, providing your business with maximum flexibility and agility in responding to changing market demands.

Private Warehousing : The private warehouse is a storage facility that is mostly owned by big companies or single manufacturing units. It is also known as proprietary warehousing and can be operated as a separate division within a company.

On-site warehouse : The on-site warehouse can either be at some centralized location or can be separately situated at different manufacturing facilities.

Off-site warehouse : The off-site warehouses are the storage facilities that are located closely to the marketing areas and are used for storing on-site inventory. These warehouses also serve as distribution center for finished goods.


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