Ibaad Lines, SOC Liner Service, International freight forwarding, Logistics Link, Chennai
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Ibaad Lines, SOC Liner Service, International freight forwarding, Logistics Link, Chennai
Ibaad Lines, SOC Liner Service, International freight forwarding, Logistics Link, Chennai
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SOC Linear : Standard reporting systems and quick communication with modern systems, Contact management with Shippers and Consignees, Coordination with Port and Customs Authorities, Tally and Supervision Services, including supercargo service, Clearing and Delivery of Ship Spare Parts, Crew Change Arrangements, Bunkering Services, Vendor Management, Ship Handling Assistance.

International Freight Forwarding : Ibaad Lines have well-established global freight and trade network, offering a single-source solution to manage and transport freight. With an extensive team of experts supervising operations, Ibaad Lines offers the best fit solutions with its unparalleled access to a vast agent network of air, ocean, rail or road transport facilities. All of which provides its customers with faster and wider access to vital markets globally.

International Freight Forwarding includes Air Freight and Sea Freight


Air Freight : Ibaad Lines Pvt Ltd is an agent holding air way bill stocks of all the airlines operating in India. The air freight activities cover 6 continents & over 100 airports across the globe. Ibaad Lines proactively tailors its air freight solutions to meet the exact requirements of its customers be it the quickest possible transit or cost effective movement. In addition to being able to track cargo through the airlines' systems. Ibaad Lines Pvt Ltd provides accurate & timely feedback in the form of reports as per the needs of the customers.

Sea Freight : Ibaad Lines Pvt Ltd through its good relationship with all leading shipping lines in India & through its highly professional partners across the globe can source some of the most competitive rates at very high service levels from these shipping companies for ocean carriage. By virtue of this, Ibaad Lines is able to pass on the benefit to its customers who stand to profit from much more competitive freight rates & the highest levels of service.

Land Transportation : Delivery to Inland Destinations is also undertaken by us. Depending on the location, transit required, reliability & a number of other factors as required by the client, cargo can be moved either by rail or by road. Although, typically across the globe movement by road is slightly more expensive than by rail, very often, road works out far more cost effective & in certain cases may even be the only option available.

Logistic Links : With Ibaad Lines you can Gain complete and customized control over your logistics , with our 3PL Logistics Services. Our Contract Logistics Division, execute and control all matters of procurement, production as well as distribution logistics so that you can concentrate on your core business and leave the rest to us.

We have : Tailor Made Solution and End-to-End Solution

Inland Transportation : Ibaad Lines Pvt. Ltd. provides you “All the Right Moves” by offering the most efficient and cost effective modes of transport regardless of shipment type or location. Shipping is not just about ships. The ship is just a part of the supply chain and the cargo gets transported in the container from a location at the origin to an inland location elsewhere.

Customs Clearance : Customs Clearance has always been the core activity of Ibaad Lines,

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Underlying the success of the company is an ethos of commitment to the values of Quality, Service, and Reliability


Continuous innovation and close customer interaction have enabled the Company to consolidate its position at the leading edge of the various commercial activities


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